“58% of the students say they want a class in college preparation and study skills”

Speak Up 2016 Research Project for Digital Learning, 0.5MM K-12 student respondents

What is CollegeReady?

CollegeReady powered by ChalkTalk TM is a high school course that prepares students in grades 9-12 for high-stakes exams: the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. It is a true blended learning course that combines teacher-led instruction & software-based practice.

CollegeReady teaches students 100 Reading, Writing, and Math topics, resulting in higher proficiency & growth on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, as well high school English Language Arts (ELA) and Math subjects.

Our class is offered by most high schools as a core class or elective. Some schools offer it as a study hall, 7th period class, supplemental class, or after-school activity.

Blended Learning Courses
& Flipped Classrooms

Blended learning courses differ from online courses and MOOCs in that they combine technology usage with teacher instruction. The Flipped Classroom is one of the most widespread blended learning models in K-12, yet it suffers a major deficiency: students are expected to watch long videos at home and spend their entire class time doing practice problems. This means that students who skip watching the videos at home fall behind, and many who actually watch the videos do not fully understand the content so they too fall behind.

Teachers struggle with the Flipped Classroom model because it fundamentally changes the way that they teach and moves them from the role of educators to technology administrators. We’ve invented the Chalk Talk Blended Learning Model to resolve these inefficiencies, and we’re confident in our results.

Explore the Chalk Talk Blended Learning Model

Only Program with Full

According to an independent study by Pearson and EdSurge that surveyed 24 of the leading K-12 education software companies in the world, no one offered all three components of adaptivity. Chalk Talk has all three (Source: “Decoding Adaptive”, 2016. Pearson, London)

1. Adaptive Content : Our lessons have built in check-in questions. Based on the students’ responses to these questions, the lessons branch to different video pathways.

2. Adaptive Assessment : all of our practice questions sessions are adaptive to each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. Adaptive Sequence : our adaptive equalizer classes has each student focusing on their own top academic weaknesses, whatever these may be.

Why Care about Full

Prominent American educational psychologist, Dr. Benjamin Bloom found that stu- dents who receive personalized instruction perform two standard deviations better than students who learn in conventional lectures. That means that students can go from being C students to getting A students if they receive personalized instruction. That’s huge, and that makes sense.

While it’s simply not possible to give every school teacher personalized instruction time with each student, CollegeReady powered by Chalk Talk helps your teacher simulate that experience better than ever with its three layers of full adaptivity.

Skilled Teams Specialized

  • Our content is authored by perfect-scoring students, high school teachers, academics, and university professors

  • Our blended learning implementation team has decades of experience in K-12 schools, holding advanced degrees in educational fields ranging from early child development, special needs education, psychology, and education technology.

  • Our Engineering/Product team members hail from renowned institutions such as:

Financing CollegeReadyTM

Federal & state funding; some of the eligible grant programs include Title I, Title II, Title III, Title V, Title VI, Title VII, IDEA, and UpwardBound

School/District Budget Buckets That Can Finance CollegeReady

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  • Schools
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