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What is CollegeReady powered by Chalk TalkTM?

CollegeReady consists of offline print materials and an online software platform:

  • ELA & Math instructor edition course books that guide classroom instruction.
  • A software platform that generates personalized practice assignments for each student. Based on the results and the school schedule, the software platform adaptively generates teacher lesson plans, teaching slides, group activity worksheets, and personalized practice assignments for the following classes.

CollegeReady minimizes teacher workload and leads to better student learning outcomes in less time. Our high school impact studies show SAT/ACT score improvements 2-5x the US national average in less than half the time.

CollegeReady supports
with the PSAT/SAT & Pre-ACT/ACT.

Your Own Blended Learning

CollegeReady is administered by borrowing time from existing ELA & Math classes. It can also be administered as its own class: core, elective, study skills, study hall, 7th period, college-readiness seminar, or supplemental class.

Teachers struggle with existing EdTech software programs and blended learning models like the Flipped Classroom because they all fundamentally change the way that teachers teach and moves them from the role of educators to technology administrators. We invented the Chalk Talk Blended Learning Model to resolve these inefficiencies and the results have been unmatched.

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Only Program with Full

According to a prominent study by Pearson and EdSurge that surveyed 24 of the leading K-12 education software companies in the world, including Pearson and McGraw Hill Education, no one offered all three components of adaptivity. CollegeReady has all three [Source: “Decoding Adaptive”, 2016. Pearson, London]

1. Adaptive Content : Lessons have built in check-in questions. Based on the students’ responses to these questions, the lessons branch to different video pathways.

2. Adaptive Assessment : Practice questions are adaptive to each student’s skill level.

3. Adaptive Sequence : Review Classes has each student focusing on their own top academic weaknesses, whatever these may be.

Why Care about Full

Research has shown that students who receive personalized instruction perform two standard deviations better than students who learn in conventional lectures. That means that students can go from being C students to getting A students if they receive personalized instruction. While it’s simply not possible to give every student 1-on-1 classes with every school teacher, CollegeReady powered by Chalk Talk helps your school simulate that experience closer than ever before.

Financing CollegeReady

Federal & state funding; some of the eligible grant programs include Title I, Title II, Title III, Title V, Title VI, Title VII, IDEA, GEAR UP, and UpwardBound

School/District Budget Buckets That Can Finance CollegeReady

CollegeReady is purchased by :

  • Schools
  • Governments
  • State programs
  • Learning centers
  • Education Distributor Companies