Meet the next-gen adaptive practice platform.

We help you master all the concepts and skills you need to ace your high school subjects (math, biology, physics, chemistry, literature, reading, writing & language, U.S. history, world history) and standardized exams (ACT, SAT I, SAT II).

My SAT score improved by 220 points... I also got perfect scores on SAT II [Math I and Math II] subject tests and I'm getting higher grades in my English and Math school subjects!

- Leen Arnout, 11th grade, Amman Academy, International Baccalaureate student.

Why Chalk Talk

With Chalk Talk, you don’t need to choose between teaching to curriculum or to exams — we do both at the same time.

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How We Do It

diagnostic test practice

Diagnostic Test

Students start off by taking a 30-minute adaptive diagnostic test. This calibrates our platform to their academic ability.

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Detailed Reports

Our reporting algorithms break down student performance and identify granular concepts and skills that students need to improve on.

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Personalized Lessons & Practice

We rectify the students' learning gaps using a blend of content modules, practice questions, and answer explanations. The sequence and selection of our practice content is adaptive for each student.

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Guaranteed Results

Plain and simple: after using our platform, you will get higher results guaranteed.

What's in the Platform

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Unlike other apps that simply tell you where your strengths and weaknesses are, our deep learning algorithms tell you what to study next and when to study it. Students can use our app as a self-study tool, or if the school buys it we will create a a custom implementation plan for in-classroom use.

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Chalk Talk can be accessed anywhere anytime—all you need is a web browser and an internet connection. Our app is device-responsive and works great on tablets, phones, laptops, and desktop computers.

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Chalk Talk app brings you the experience of a one-on-one tutor, dynamically adapting to your skill level and personalizing content to your learning needs.

8 Ways We're Different

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Only software with full-adaptivity

Chalk Talk is the only adaptive learning software with all 3 components of adaptivity: assessment, content, and sequence. According to a 2016 research paper that surveyed the 24 most prominent education software providers, none have all 3.

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Unmatched access to your data

We provide the most detailed academic strengths and weaknesses report out there. For example, CollegeBoard gives you 7 subscores for the SAT, while Chalk Talk gives you over 400.

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Only software with one course for many exams

Prepare for the SAT, ACT, and SAT II - Math I / Math II / Literature exams with only 1 course. Our other SAT II subject tests have separate courses.

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Only software that aligns test prep to curriculum

Our software aligns with students’ curricula to drive up their scores not only on the ACT, SAT, & SAT II exams, but also on their school subjects.

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Only software to support this many exams

Our software helps students prepare for the ACT, SAT I, all non-language SAT II exams. No other software gets students ready for all these exams.

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Most number of questions

With over 10,000 proprietary practice questions, we have more practice than any other competing software. More practice correlates with higher scores.

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Unmatched results

For example, SAT users who stuck to their study schedule had an average SAT improvement of 330/2400 for the older exam and 200/1600 for the current version.

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Unmatched technology

Proprietary Score Prediction Engine, based on the latest education model theory research as well as internal R&D from our data science and engineering departments.

Want to increase your score on the ACT, SAT I or SAT II?

Our practice platform delivers one of the highest score improvements in the world, while simultaneously improving your performance in school subjects.

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