Our Mission

Books and self-paced learning programs aren't effective on their own. For example, Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs), such as Khan Academy and Coursera, have course completion rates of only 4-6%. Moreover, studies on the impact of MOOCs suffer from selection bias, as already-exceptional students are often the ones who volunteer their time to complete additional online coursework. EdTech products may be the books of our century, but neither paper books nor digital books can grant a complete education.

So at Chalk Talk, we decided to bring back the basics. We invented our own blended learning models to empower educators and put them back at the forefront of their classroom. Our product minimizes educator “generosity burnout” by mitigating all the prep work that goes into creating personalized lesson plans, teaching materials, in-class activities, and homework assignments. Using our triple-adaptive technology, all teaching content created is aligned to the school schedule and the learning profile of every student.

At Chalk Talk we believe that education isn’t content; education isn’t technology; education is human.