Our Mission

Education is about inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and imagination; education is about the the educators, not about content delivery not technology.

EdTech products such as self-paced learning tools and MOOCs reduce education to content delivery. Course completion rates for MOOCs are 4-6% and studies on their impact have largely biased samples as often the already-exceptional students are the ones who volunteer their time to complete online course work. EdTech products may be the books of our century, but neither paper books nor digital books can grant a complete education.

As many are overvaluing content sources, many are also overhyping glamorous technology in the classroom, both hardware and software, instead of engaging students with vivid stories, personalized instruction, and open-ended discussion.

Today’s students don’t need more technology or content. What they need are educators. Every person reading this remembers at least one educator who truly inspired them, s passionate educator who threw off sparks and ignited their students’ minds with fire.

So at Chalk Talk, we decided to take things back to the basics. We’ve reinvented blended learning placing the educator back at the forefront of the classroom and empowering them with the tools that they need to deliver fully adaptive high school classes. We’ve done this in a way that greatly minimizes the “generosity burnout” of educators by mitigating all the prep work that goes into preparing the course schedule, lesson plans, teaching materials, in-class activities, and homework assignments—automatically generating everything and making every step adaptive.

We believe in educators because we believe that education isn’t content; education isn’t technology; education is human.