Chalk Talk prepares students for the New SAT exam, while also improving their academic performance in
Math & English subjects from the US Common Core, IB, IGCSE, and other national high school tracks

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What We Believe In

SAT Prep Online, SAT Prep Courses, New SAT Practice

Universal Access to Education

Where you live should not affect your access to high-quality education. Our software can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Chalk Talk™ has students in many countries, including Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, and India.

SAT adaptive lessons and practice questions

Personalized Learning

We recognize that no two students are the same, so no two students should be taught in the same way. Our internet-based classes, adaptive exercises, and interactive workshops offer students personalized content tailored specifically to their individual strengths and weaknesses, along with custom study plans that they can follow at their own pace.

SAT prep 1000s of practice questions. 100s of SAT Lessons

Outstanding Content

Our content was developed by top test scorers from the Ivy League. Backed by our students' unparalleled score improvements, our comprehensive preparatory program caters to the individual needs and backgrounds of all students, including non-native English speakers.

Student Testimonials

I did really well on Math in high school, so I wasn't sure why my SAT Math score was 680. I mean it was a good score but I knew that I could do better. I enrolled in the Chalk Talk program only 1 week before my official SAT exam. During that week. my score went up by 110 points in Math alone! Chalk Talk's software discovered that my greatest weaknesses were stemming from permutations, combinations, and 3D figures inscribed inside other 3D figures. Up until that point, I didn't even know what combinations and permutations were since we did not learn that in class. With targeted lectures and practice questions, Chalk Talk helped eliminate my weaknesses and do better on the exam. I recently heard back from colleges and received scholarships from NYU, Cornell, and Duke!

Yazan, Amman Academy '15

I took the Chalk Talk SAT course for the past 3 months and I really want to take the time to really thank you for creating such a program! Honestly, it really paid off. The first time I did my SAT I got a 1400 and after taking the Chalk Talk course for a few weeks, my score went up to 1700. I continued using Chalk Talk and ended up getting a 2070 on the official SAT exam! Really thank you so much Chalk Talk! Thanks to your great program, I'm one step closer to my dream Ivy League school.

Hamzeh, Amman Academy '16

How We Do It

SAT courses with data driven experience. Personalized SAT Practice. Personalized SAT Lessons

Data Collection

Students generate large amounts of data when learning anything, and our engineers have found ways to capture this data and analyze it. Chalk Talk™ tracks and collects our students' data from books that they read, the homework sets that they are assigned, the practice exams that they take, and the studying that they do at home.

Reporting & Analytics

Chalk Talk’s™ Learning Engine carefully parses and analyzes the students’ learning data and generates a variety of advanced real-time performance reports and analytics.

Best SAT Prep Online, SAT Prep Courses, New SAT Practice
Best SAT Prep Online, SAT Prep Courses, New SAT Practice


Using data analytics and advanced machine learning algorithms, Chalk Talk™ accurately detects every student’smmmi granular strengths and weaknesses and personalizes all aspects of the learning experience for that student. Lectures, homework sets, and study plans – everything here is personalized to deliver a course that is right for you.

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